Island Creek Baptist Church would love to welcome you to worship God with us. We offer services every Sunday. Sunday School is at 10:00 AM and Worship Service at 11:00 AM. In addition to Sunday morning services, Bible Study is every Wednesday at 6:00 PM.
      Our “Little Church in the Woods” is located in the East Lake Sinclair area at 4258 Island Creek Church Rd. Serving the East Lake Community and the surrounding areas. Many of our congregation enjoy Island Creek Baptist as their “Home Away from Home”. Whether you are in the area for a weekend, a new resident or a current resident searching for a place to worship – We Welcome You!
     What should you wear? Our congregation wears everything from casual clothing and jeans to their Sunday best.
     Quoting our Pastor, “If you are a first-time visitor here, you are a visitor one time, after that you are home folk.”
     Our Pastor describes us best, “We are conservative in our theology, but we are liberal in our love. Reaching today’s population— the world needs folks to love them. One of the things here at Island Creek is that any time anybody comes through the doors, they are welcome, they are loved, they do not go away feeling like ‘nobody spoke to me, nobody talked to me.’ The congregation is just a great loving bunch.”
     Our Affiliations are The Washington Baptist Association, The Georgia Baptist Convention, and The Southern Baptist Convention.
     We have seen many changes since it first met in 1794 but much of the history remains intact. Originally a community hub for area cotton farmers, the small but thriving Southern Baptist church now is surrounded by pine forest. The current building sits next to a modern Family Life Center and a fenced-in cemetery that holds the remains of at least one Revolutionary War soldier. In 2007, radar revealed graves as old as 1817. Church members built on the location in 1842 but tore down the structure and rebuilt in 1886. That building is still used for worship today.
You are invited to worship with us at our "Little Church in the Woods". All Are Welcome!